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BioSocial Cognition Training for
Foster Parents & Adoptive Parents


Raising a Foster Child to Thrive

As foster parents and advocates, we want our children to succeed, to thrive. But our kids are coming to us with a past that we cannot control or change. How can we help our kids overcome past experiences and enable them to grow into thriving adults? In this session, look at how to connect neuroscientific knowledge and practical application to develop confident adults equipped with the tools to achieve their potential. 


Teens and their Choices

Why do our teens make the choices they do? What could they possibly be thinking? 

How can we guide them into adulthood with the tools they need to lead healthy, productive lives?

In this interactive session, we’ll explore the development, neuroscience, and internal and external factors that impact teen choices and behavior, so that you can better understand where your teen is coming from, why they are making the choices they are making.

You’ll also gain a methodology for cultivating positive, productive communication and relationship with your foster teens. 

If your teens attend a Your Brain, Your Choice session, you will also come away with a shared vocabulary and methodology for communicating and reaching agreements through the teen years and beyond.


Improving Communication & Relationship with Foster Teens

Foster parents and advocates face unique situations and challenges throughout day-to-day life  with their teens.

Designed for attendees who are already familiar with the BioSocial Cognition  model, this practical, more advanced workshop, delves further into how to overcome the  difficult challenges we face with our youth.

Ultimately, using your understanding of how and  why memories are affecting your teen’s behavior, you can better identify needs, understand  where they are coming from, and improve your communication and relationship with your foster teens.

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Preparing Jams

Advocating For Family Relationships

You will learn why a child’s past must be connected with their future. Foster and adoptive children have a unique challenge to integrate their birth family memories and experiences with their adoptive parent teaching and values. Gain a practical approach to connect the past to present and future.

Teenagers in Park

Preparing for and Navigating the Teen Years

Ultimately, in our adoption and parenting journeys, we all get to navigate the teen years. In this interactive session, you’ll learn how and why memories impact the teen years, how to prepare for and navigate the teen years with an eye on the future, and come away with a practical, proven methodology for building communication and relationship with your teens.

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Open Adoption: A Parent’s Journey

We want to see our children flourish and our family dynamic succeed. In this workshop, one  adoptive dad shares how his children’s open adoptions revealed new insights on how memories,  environment, and human development impact experiences, behavior and decisions, and how to  use this knowledge to enhance open adoption dynamics.

Additional workshops, seminars, and one-on-one trainings are available for Child Advocates,  Parents, Teens, Family Child Care Providers, and Organizational Leadership

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