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What is BioSocial Cognition?

BioSocial Cognition is a means of bringing clarity and understanding to child advocacy, parenting, decision making, and behavior.  

Based upon biology, neuroscience, and genetics, BioSocial Cognition provides a process to understand where behavior comes from and how memories impact past, present, and future decision making. ​

BioSocial Cognition brings a paradigm-shifting viewpoint to the interactions that guide individuals through their life’s challenges.

While based upon current findings in neuroscience, BioSocial Cognition training & workshops are presented in everyday, real-world terms that can be applied by anyone in any situation.

During any workshop series, you will learn why memories affect an individual's response to their environment, how memories are formed in the brain, and how behavior and decision-making is shaped by memories. 

Understanding the BioSocial Cognition model will help you gain new knowledge and use new tools that empower your daily interactions with others, and allow you to handle extremely difficult day-to-day situations with consistency and certainty in your choices.​

Whether you are parenting, advocating, teaching a student, or running a non-profit or profit business, BioSocial Cognition will guide you to success!


BioSocial Cognition

Conscious Desire to Create Memories

Purpose-Driven Environmental Settings

Intentional Investment in the Future

BioSocial Cognition - Thomas C. Rector

BioSocial Cognition - Thomas C. Rector

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