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Raising a Child to Thrive

Raising a Foster Child to Thrive

There are different needs for foster, adoptive, kinship, & biological parenting situations.  This training can be customized to the needs of the audience.

Session Description

As parents and advocates, we want our children to succeed, to thrive. But they are individuals different from us, and we can't control all that happens to them or how they react. 


In this interactive session, we look at how to connect neuroscientific knowledge and practical application to develop confident adults equipped with the tools to achieve their potential.

Using visuals, animations, real world examples and audience participation, this session focuses on helping parents understand how memories impact the behaviors they are experiencing with their children, and how to use this knowledge to help them grow into their potential as adults


Provides an introduction to BioSocial Cognition and specifically applies it to understanding development, memory formation, and decision making.

You'll Learn

- The impact memories have on behavior

- How memories are formed and why it matters

- How to intentionally & consciously create new memories

- How to develop an environment that creates positive decisions and behavior

Intended Audience

- Parents
- Anyone in a parenting role

- Anyone supporting parents in their roles


1 - no previous training required


Intro - 75 min
Workshop - 90-120min
Deep-Dive - 2-4 hours

What to Expect

Throughout the session, Thomas C. Rector encourages audience participation and shares insights, examples, and experiences gained over 20 years of training parents, advocates, and professionals.  

In workshops and deep dives, the second half of the session is spent in a hands-on, interactive, role-playing activity that gets participants up and out of their seats and working together to implement the methodology.

What Past Participants Say

“So, so, so good, smart, relevant, new insightful, thank you.”

National Foster Parent Association Annual Conference, 2018

"I love Tom's material. It explains the "why" what we are doing works, how learning works."
- Rachel M.

Raising a Child to Thrive, 1:1 Session, 2020

Accrescent Institute's Thomas C Rector presents Raising a Foster Child to Thrive

Presenter: Thomas C. Rector

As a father of five, adoptive parent, a foster care mentor and trainer, CASA, and board member for child advocacy organizations, Thomas C. Rector brings a unique perspective to child advocacy and parenting.

He is a CEO, national speaker and presenter on BioSocial Cognition theory, and founder of Accrescent Institute, as well as the former Executive Director for CASA of Del Norte and Vice President of the NFPA Board of Directors. 

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