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Family Focused Treatment Association Annual Conference 2024

Accrescent Institute is pleased to announce that Thomas C. Rector will be presenting at the 2024 Family Focused Treatment Association Annual Conference.

For the last 37 years, FFTA has convened for our Annual Conference, bringing together leaders, practitioners, and partners in the sector to leverage our collective knowledge and share proven solutions for advancing wellness for all families and communities. Our Annual Conference provides a setting to equip individuals and organizations that support families and communities with the resources needed to be most effective.

July 7-10, 2024

Denver, CO

Tom will be presenting two different sessions:

Empowering Youth & Family Communication: The Agreement

Youth face very real issues when communicating with the adults in their lives. Each wants to be heard and taken seriously, but struggle finding productive ways to communicate.

During this interactive session, we’ll identify barriers youth and adults face when communicating, delve into the impact memories, genetics, and development have on behavior and communication, and discuss the opportunity you have to empower productive communication.

You’ll walk away with a process and tool you can immediately use to share and implement with to impact the youth and families you serve.

IEP - Enhancing Results

IEPs - Is it yet another mandatory meeting?  Or can we make it an opportunity to collaborate to further impact the outcome for the student?   

At every IEP meeting, key individuals with vast experience bring to the table their specific insights of the student. 

In this interactive session, you gain a tool for identifying factors that can contribute to the IEP team’s efforts to develop a plan that will enhance student outcomes.

By bringing together each team member’s insights, you will build a holistic understanding of the various factors influencing behavior and educational performance, enhancing your ability to make a difference.

Interested in learning more about where Accrescent Institute will be presenting in the future? Check out our Conferences & Events page:

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