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Brain Science & You:
Advanced Hands-on Workshop

Brain Science and You - FamilyChildCareProviders.jpg

Session Description

In this advanced workshop, we’ll review the key components impacting behavior, development and growth. Then jump directly into a three-part hands-on exercise with you collaborating, brainstorming, and learning with your peers. You’ll walk away with ideas and insights to help you navigate the situations you face each day.

You'll Learn

- Identify how individuality, development, past memories, and environment inform a child’s behavior and growth.

- Observe and plan for the environmental and sensory impacts on a child’s memories, behavior, and learning.

Collaborate and identify environmental adjustments that will promote the child’s growth and learning.

Intended Audience

Family Child Care Providers
Child Care Providers

Anyone who works directly every day with children and/or supports other Child Care Providers


Recommended, but not required, to have previously attended a session that introduces BioSocial Cognition, such as Opportunity and Impact of Child Care Providers, Raising a Child to Thrive, or Brain Science and You: You Make a Difference Every Day.


90 min

What to Expect

Using the audience's input, questions, and real world examples, your presenter, Thomas C. Rector, connects the content with what you as a child care provider do every day, and how that influences memories and your impact. 

Interactive audience exercises are used to help you visualize what's happening inside the brain to create memories, decision, and reactions, and better be able to apply it with the children and families you serve. 

What Past Participants Say

"Information that I believe is incredibly significant in understanding behaviors in children and how our behaviors impact them all on a bio/neurological level.  Knowing where the behaviors come from and how to shape those behaviors begins with a better understanding of the young brain." 
- Desiree Villegas

National Family Child Care Provider Conference, 2022

“Great approach and presentation. Humor made the information engaging and easy to understand." 
- Adriana Camacho

National Family Child Care Provider Conference, 2022

Excellent framework to educate and incorporate the brain development and stages.  Loved this information.

National Family Child Care Provider Conference, 2022

This was very informative and applicable to all my roles... I like the part about memories being baggage or wisdom. A different wasy to reframe our experiences as well as understanding the families, children we serve.  Thank you.  Keep up the good work! 
- Shirley Cox

National Family Child Care Provider Conference, 2022

Really informative. 5 Stars! 
- Andrea Pittman

National Family Child Care Provider Conference, 2022

“This is honestly one of the most important workshops we need!! The subject is important! The presentation was high end and the presenter (Tom) was fabulously energetic!”
- Brendolyn Blake

National Family Child Care Provider Conference, 2011

Accrescent Institute's Thomas C Rector presents Raising a Foster Child to Thrive

Presenter: Thomas C. Rector

As a father of five, adoptive parent, a foster care mentor and trainer, CASA, and board member for child advocacy organizations, Thomas C. Rector brings a unique perspective to child advocacy and parenting.

He is a CEO, national speaker and presenter on BioSocial Cognition theory, and founder of Accrescent Institute, as well as the former Executive Director for CASA of Del Norte and Vice President of the NFPA Board of Directors. 

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