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Apply Brain Science to Parenting: Memories Matter

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Session Description

This workshop will introduce an understanding and methodology for determining where behavioral actions come from and how to create an environment that supports positive and productive parenting.


Using visuals, animations, real-world examples, and audience participation, this interactive session focuses on how to equip and empower parents to handle the situations they must resolve in their day-to-day lives. Participants will learn how our five senses influence the brain’s choice of memories to be used in determining the youth’s reaction to their environment.


Session participants will walk away with an understanding and a process that can be shared with parents for use in their day-to-day lives.

You'll Learn

- The impact of past memories, individuality, development, and environment

- The impact of sensory input upon memory retrieval

- Awareness of the multifaceted components of the environment being processed by the brain during decision making

- The impact of the stages of brain development on perception of environmental conditions

- How to use environmental settings to draw upon past memories

- How to create consistency through day-to-day parenting

Intended Audience

Parenting education and family support professionals:

- group facilitators

- home visitors

- early intervention specialists

- family resource coordinators

- K-12 educators

- behavioral and mental health providers

- family advocates of all kinds


1 - no previous training required


Intro - 75 min
Workshop - 90-120min
Deep-Dive - 2-4 hours

What to Expect

Throughout the session, Thomas C. Rector encourages audience participation and shares insights, examples, and experiences gained over 20 years of training parents, advocates, and professionals.  

In workshops and deep dives, the second half of the session is spent in a hands-on, interactive, role-playing activity that gets participants up and out of their seats and working together to implement the methodology.

What Past Participants Say

"Information that I believe is incredibly significant in understanding behaviors in children and how our behaviors impact them all on a bio/neurological level.  Knowing where the behaviors come from and how to shape those behaviors begins with a better understanding of the young brain." 
- Desiree V.

National Family Child Care Provider Conference, 2022

"I love Tom's material. It explains the "why" what we are doing works, how learning works."
- Rachel M.

Raising a Child to Thrive, 1:1 Session, 2020

Accrescent Institute's Thomas C Rector presents Raising a Foster Child to Thrive

Presenter: Thomas C. Rector

As a father of five, adoptive parent, a foster care mentor and trainer, CASA, and board member for child advocacy organizations, Thomas C. Rector brings a unique perspective to child advocacy and parenting.

He is a CEO, national speaker and presenter on BioSocial Cognition theory, and founder of Accrescent Institute, as well as the former Executive Director for CASA of Del Norte and Vice President of the NFPA Board of Directors. 

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