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Teens and their Choices


Teens and their Choices

Session Description

Why do teens make the choices they do? What could they possibly be thinking? How can we guide them into adulthood with the tools they need to lead healthy, productive lives?

In this interactive session, we’ll explore the development, neuroscience, and internal and external factors that impact teen choices and behavior… 

So that you can better understand where your teen is coming from, why they are making the choices they are making.

You’ll also gain a methodology for cultivating positive, productive communication and

relationship with your foster teens. And a tool for communicating and reaching agreements through the teen years and beyond

Intended Audience

Parents of Teens
Anyone in a parenting Teens role or supporting parents of Teens in their roles

Adults working with Teens


Overview Sessions are 90 min
Customized In-Depth Trainings range from 2-4 hours

What Past Participants Say

"I love Tom's material. It explains the "why" what we are doing works, how learning works."

Raising a Child to Thrive, 1:1 Session, 2020

“So, so, so good, smart, relevant, new insightful, thank you.”

National Foster Parent Association Annual Conference, 2018

Accrescent Institute's Thomas C Rector presents Raising a Foster Child to Thrive

Presenter: Thomas C. Rector

As a father of five, adoptive parent, a foster care mentor and trainer, CASA, and board member for child advocacy organizations, Thomas C. Rector brings a unique perspective to child advocacy and parenting.

He is a CEO, national speaker and presenter on BioSocial Cognition theory, and founder of Accrescent Institute, as well as the former Executive Director for CASA of Del Norte and the current Vice President of the NFPA Board of Directors. 

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